• Memorial exposition
    Exhibition “From the Moscow English Club to the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia” perfectly complements the memorial part.
  • Development of the revolution
    “Cobble-stone — a Weapon of the Proletariat”. Sculptor I. D. Shadr.
  • The USSR in the 1930s
    The New Economic Policy was rejected and the system of severe administrative control over all spheres of life was established.
  • “Brother against Brother.."
    Collection of unique posters of “Red” and “White” movements, arms, banners and uniforms of the opposite sides.
    31 Oct 2014 // News
  • “Audioguide”on the permanent exposition
    You could make use “Audioguide” on the permanent exposition “History of Russia, middle of the 19 – beginning of the 21 cc.” in the State central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia.
    31 Oct 2014 // News
  • Museum schedule for November holidays
    November 4, 5 museum is closed
    31 Oct 2014 // News
  • Night of Arts 2014 “Presnya”
    All visitors are waiting fascinating programs, masterclasses and exhibitions in expositional-memorial department “Presnya” on November 3.
    30 Oct 2014 // News
  • Night of Arts on Delegatskaya
    All visitors are waiting by fascinating programs, fashion defile and excursions in the exposition-memorial department “On Delegatskaya”
    30 Oct 2014 // News
  • Night of Arts 2014
    November 3. All visitors are waited by fascinating programs, concerts and excursions!
    29 Oct 2014 // News


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